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Making the Jump Shot

When I think about every decision made, every action taken, every move; I know that Lazy Dog Billiards is making huge progress towards getting open VERY SOON! We are excited to bring a great place to play pool and darts to the downtown area of Las Cruces, NM. If you drive by right now, (245 E. Lohman - Corner of Lohman and Campo), you can see that it is changing inside and out pretty quickly. Remodeling the building from a school to a billiards room has presented many variables that have made this process difficult, but the struggle of the journey helps strengthen the final result.

Among the many struggles we've faced is a factor that most business owners must eventually deal with - the process of bureaucracy. Unexpected events including government shutdowns, local government turnovers, communication roadblocks, and many other delays that were simply beyond the ability of any one person to control all contributed to this tension. This forced us to focus even harder on the things we could control, both learning from mistakes and trying to anticipate future issues. Through this process we have had many unexpected setbacks, but we have also experienced many critical successes and breakthroughs that happened at fortunate times. Each calculated action, for better or worse, has brought us to the point where we are fully committed to this venture and to providing a great service for the community.

There comes a point in many games when the path forward is blocked, and you must decide whether to jump, or play a safety. We took the jump, we made the shot.

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