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It's been several months (March 2020) since the last time an update was put out about the business. There are several factors that kept me from sending out an update. March/April/May quarantine and Covid-19. The spring months presented some challenging situations, not just on a global, national, state, local level but also a personal one.

We officially opened for business in April on a limited online retail capacity with the roll out of our limited edition Tee's. We are so thankful to everyone who has purchased a T-shirt so far. We will continue to sell the limited edition shirts until we open our doors for billiards, darts, kitchen and bar. Each of these business niches will be phased in to ensure optimal efficiency and best practices.

In May, the business was hit with an unexpected cease and decease letter that pushed us to change the name of our business, since we are a small start-up and can not afford a legal battle. We polled our social media followers and after a few weeks of consideration we decided on a new name. The new name Lucky Dog Billiards has a great ring! Everything happens for a reason and we are grateful for the winning name and our ability to continue to move forward with offering Las Cruces a great place to play pool and darts.

The uncertainty with how the business will be rolling out and the economic climate in general has allowed us to ebb and flow with the constant changes. If there is one thing we are certain about it's the dedication and active pursuit to keep Lucky Dog Billiards at the forefront of a changing situation.

We are almost ready to go, we have beautiful murals on both the east and west walls drawing the traffic on Lohman to the visual representation of what we have inside! We have our new Lucky Dog Billiards sign as well in front of the entrance, located on the north side of the building. Some of the holdups have been due to demand in service with the lack of personal or manufactured equipment. I have said so many dates for projections on opening, just keep following us, its happening soon, even at a limited capacity. Patience will persevere!

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